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Mobile First Design

Fast and Furious

Designing for the web is an ever changing landscape of techniques and typography. What we change today, changes tomorrow.

One important constant going forward is designing for mobile. Mobile First Design is the practice of coding only what is seen on a mobile device first, then adding more code and functionality as the screen and processor gets bigger.

This speeds up load times on mobile devices tremendously, which in turn helps with SEO and provides a great user experience (UX)


Lean WordPress Themes

Content focused. Content management.

WordPress is by far the most popular and widely used content management system available for building websites. The term has almost become a verb. " We need a WordPress site "

Working together with the client we create a dynamic web based system providing the ability to blog, add and edit certain content, manage users and contacts and even accept payments.

By adding only what is needed, we create a lean WordPress theme that loads quickly and is 100% original.



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