Paid Search and Online Advertising Services

Utilizing AdWords and Online Advertising

Ready to try search advertising and don’t know where to start? Have an existing campaign that is not performing well, or you are not really sure how it is doing? Need to work on your quality score?

Many businesses like yours are in a similar situation…. How do we use the internet to advertise and gain higher sales, conversions, and customer engagement?

AdWords and paid search campaigns (pay per click (PPC)) can dramatically increase traffic and conversions if setup and ran properly.

Our key points for AdWords campaigns:

  • When do I move from organic search to paid search?
  • Am I targeting the correct keywords?
  • Do I really only pay per click?
  • Where do I place my ad?
  • Where will it show up?
  • How will I know if it is working?
  • Can we try different strategies?
  • Can I receive data and reports of cost, acquisition and activity?
  • Can I make adjustments and continue to grow my business?
  • Can you schedule when ads run and reuse previously ran ads?

The short answer is yes you can and we can help!

We can setup, test, adjust, and maintain an AdWords campaign that is suited for your business. We love providing services that increase your revenue.

We offer low upfront costs and charge based on performance and your conversions. If you don’t make money we don’t make money.

It is that simple.

Contact us today to discuss Online Advertising (ppc) services

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